Have you lost direction, lost confidence

Are you feeling down, feeling depressed or experiencing anxiety

Having problems with your relationships 

Then psychotherapy might just be the treatment you need, to understand, to restore hope and confidence and rebuild your resilience 


Psychotherapy, often called talking therapy, is a type of mental health treatment. Sessions are used to treat mental health or emotional problems, which have impacted in various negative ways on the individual. During a psychotherapy session, you talk with a qualified and experienced Psychotherapist to identify, understand and deal with these problematic issues.

Psychotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of problems listed on the SERVICES page, such as depression, loss of confidence and more deeper issues affecting you such as abuse. It should be viewed as a longer term treatment and not a short term intervention.


After your initial assessment session, I will discuss the best way forward with you and arrange further appointments. I will explain how psychotherapy will work, how regularly we will meet and what the cost will be; a plan agreed to begin to address your problems and issues 


Family sessions are also available.


SPERANZA is an Italian word which means hope. Psychotherapy is a process which allows hope to be restored and resilience to be developed, to regain confidence and live more freely.